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Research reveals exercise slows progression of Parkinson’s

New research reveals how the exercise of any kind can dramatically improve the slowness, stiffness, and balance issues associated with Parkinson’s disease.

“The group of patients that have regular exercise, nothing specific about what kind, seem to have slower disease progression, more stable cognitive functions, less memory loss over time,” said Dr. Heather Koons, assistant professor of neurology in the Movement Disorder division at Vanderbilt.

“We’ve got this ball park number: two and a half hours of exercise per week, seems to make a big difference,” added Kelly Arney, outreach coordinator for the National Parkinson’s Foundation Center for Excellence at Vanderbilt. “Even people that are having balance issues, there’s something about the music, there’s something about the movement. And so some people that have balance issues in walking, can actually get up and dance.”

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