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Cognitive changes in Parkinson’s disease: Download a free guide

From time to time, all of us forget where we put our keys or find ourselves unable to find the word we’re searching for. Most of us just excuse it as a “senior moment.”

But if you have Parkinson’s disease, changes in memory or learning can be more concerning.

Changes in your ability to multi-task, to read, or even solve problems are fairly common in Parkinson’s disease. Mild cognitive impairment – which may be annoying and even frustrating but doesn’t impact your daily life – may occur in about 25% of all people with Parkinson’s disease.

The fact is, the more you know about these changes, the better able you’ll be to manage them. Just a few of the potential cognitive changes you can look out for include

Difficulty reading a book or concentrating on a conversation
Problems multi-tasking or starting new projects
Difficulty recalling a particular word or phrase
Inability to give someone directions

If you do notice cognitive changes, please contact your doctor. There are a number of medications that have been proven to have a positive impact. And of course, you can also implement strategies yourself – such as reminders, daily planners and “to do” lists – that can help you manage symptoms.

Also, the American Parkinson Disease Association has a number of publications available to help you learn more including Cognitive Changes in Parkinson’s Disease, which you can download at no cost.

Our goal is to help you successfully manage the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease as we continue to search for a cure. I sincerely hope that tips like these are of value to you.



Leslie A. Chambers
President and CEO
American Parkinson Disease Association


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