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NOTE: THIS IS A 2008 PHOTO. Steve McCoy cued the Darth Vader music after co-host Vikki Locke accidently said "Star 94" instead of B98.5 on their first morning with their new station. "I'm going to the Dark Side," she said. RODNEY HO /

PARKINSON’S in REAL time with Steve McCoy – Podcast

Steve McCoy, the former Star 94 morning host, has started a podcast focused on Parkinson’s Disease.
He said he was first diagnosed with the disease in 2007 but only recently announced to the world he had it.
“Since it is a disease that affects everyone differently, I felt like I should use my broadcast skills to do a podcast for the PD patient, their caregivers and any family members that care to learn more about the disease,” he wrote me on Facebook.
The first podcast last week featured several Parkinson’s experts. Before he opened to the serious stuff, he mined his Star 94 roots by playing some jokes from late-night TV by the likes of Jimmy Fallon and Conan O’Brien, saying laughter is healing.
McCoy is in Washington D.C. with the Parkinson’s Action Network this week talking to Congressional representatives about amping up research dollars for the disease, which affects up to one million Americans a year. It’s a progressive disease of the nervous system marked by tremor, muscular rigidity, and slow, imprecise movement.
He has acknowledged in past interviews that Parkinson’s has impacted his voice and has sometimes clouded his judgment.
The first Parkinson’s podcast is available here. Note: the podcast doesn’t start until the 1:20 point so don’t be alarmed by the silence.

Steve McCoy starts Parkinson’s Disease podcast

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