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Device Could Be Key To Solving Parkinson’s Disease Puzzle

Device Could Be Key To Solving Parkinson’s Disease PuzzleSolving one of the most puzzling problems of Parkinson’s disease could come down to a device that looks very much like a smart watch.

It’s an easy-to-use gadget that holds a complicated algorithm.

In 2004, Diane Pelosi Harrington was raising her kids and running a non-profit when a neurologist confirmed she had Parkinson’s Disease. At only 52, she had to start taking medication.

“After 12 years, I’m heavily dependent on the medicines that are available, and they have side effects,” Harrington explained. “You start having anything from dyskinesias, which are unwanted movements of the arms, the legs, or freezing, what I call freezing, or on/off.”

Like many Parkinson’s patients, Harrington is finding balancing different medications has become more difficult. So after a recent visit to her doctor at the Parkinson’s Institute in Sunnyvale, she came to a conclusion.

“If was clear that knowing what was going on with the movements in my body, if I could be more objective and precise about it, then he could do a better job with the medications,” she said.

So Dr. Rohit Dahll gave her a device called a Personal Kineti-Graph, or PKG. It’s an FDA-approved data-logger made by an Australian company called Global Kinetics.

“The device allows us to follow their movement patterns at home throughout the five or six days that they’re wearing the device,” Dahll said.

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