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Tech Bytes: Apps for iPad, iPhone or Smart Phone

voice-recorderVoice Recorder – The voice recorder on the IPod touch and IPhone is a marvelous tool to test the quality, strength, and loudness of your voice. The Program is simple to use and a great way to get instant vocal feedback on your own.

speechieSpeechie- Is a free text to voice App. The Program provides the user with a choice of 5 different voice options. All that is required is for the user to type in what he/she wants the voice to say, tap the button and the voice speaks what you wrote. It’s that easy! If you want to complicate it, the Program allows you to alter the speed and pitch of the voice. Speechie may be helpful for anyone who can still type but has difficulty with speech.

sound-levelSound Level-is a free App (or pay for a version) that monitors the loudness of sounds–it’s your own portable sound meter. This may just help you monitor and maintain a louder voice and keep people from asking you to speak up. Great for folks that have done the Think Loud program or just want to monitor the loudness of their voice.

sleep-machineSleep Machine-has a free and paid App (paid App has more sounds) made to lull you to sleep. Crickets, wind chimes, and pouring rain are just a few of the many soothing sounds from which to choose. PD patients can face sleep problems that only exacerbate symptoms with lack of quality sleep. Now, there may be a free App to relax you and help you get a few more winks.

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