Friday , May 26 2017
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Boxing program for PD

Monday, Tuesday,  Thursday & Friday at 5:30, 6:30, 8:30 & 11:45 a.m. only for now. Training sessions will last around an hour long each and will include: Warm up Flexibility & mobility work Strength training Boxing training Boxing workout (non contact only) Vocalization emphasis Conditioning Fun, fun, fun! And more… …

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Does Pilates help your mood?

I have developed a tighter core and more hand eye and foot coordination. I have more energy and the classes are spiritually up lifting. The socialized activity improves my mood and energy.   Sheila Dipprey

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Can you benefit from Pilates if you have PD?

Before I started Pilates I could not articulate spine and now I can. At home, I don’t fall as often, I am able to catch myself and re-stabilize. I have learned that I have more core muscles than I thought and I’m learning how to use them. Toni Bell

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What benefits will you get from Pilates?

Every day tasks like grocery shopping have become easier. I feel stronger and I am now able to get up from the floor. I am able to use the core muscles that we have been training to maintain posture and use them for balance and to help me stabilize. Delia …

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Why Pilates is good for you?

I have more movement and less cramps than I did before I started Pilates. I am able to move better in my daily life. I am learning  to control my breathing and it is helping my endurance. I used to struggle to get off the floor but now I can …

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Enhances your exercise

The promise: Work out harder and rev your metabolism for longer when you caffeinate pre-workout. The proof: Good news for coffee lovers who want to get in shape. Studies show that caffeine not only helps you work out stronger and longer, but also boosts your metabolism by 15 percent for …

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