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Get your CARExcel Medical History Bracelet

With your donation of $19.95 get your  CARExcel Medical History Bracelet. This is a limited time offer.

But wait….There is more: Get 2 for 39.89

Thank you for your donation and support!

Please make sure you fill out your mailing address complete so you can get our complimentary bracelet. Limited time offer.

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AAPSG CARExcel Medical History Braceletwith 3.0 Premium e-Manager Software

Store your personal medical history with the new, easy-to-use, CARExcel Medical History Bracelet. Privately and securely, you’ll record your most important medical information with an integrated USB drive, which you load with essential medical information. The finest design team in USA, provides peace of mind, when important medical information is critical in the event of an emergency.


  • Closed loop, comfortable & stylish bracelet
  • Flexible & expandable
  • Completely waterproof & durable
  • Clear Polycarbonate Medical Symbol
  • Made of the highest quality medical grade duro silicone, non-toxic & latex free
  • Smart USB Flash Drive 2GB storage
  • Pre-loaded with the valuable 3.0 Premium e-Manager Software
  • Click on the image to get more information:

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