Friday , May 26 2017
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24nd Annual Parkinson’s Disease Symposium

Welcome to our Twenty Fourth Annual Symposium. We hope you will find it informative and helpful. The Alamo Area Parkinson’s Support Group (AAPSG), American Parkinson’s Disease Association (APDA) provides information and support groups for Parkinson’s patients and caregivers in San Antonio and surrounding areas.  This year’s symposium includes sessions on …

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Two London students make innovative medical devices to improve lives of people with Parkinson’s disease

Two London students, who have invented separate pieces of medical technology that could help revolutionize the lives of people with Parkinson’s disease, could soon see their innovative devices available to millions of sufferers after they were shortlisted for a prestigious award. Read the full article here:

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10 Things Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Parkinson’s Disease

If you or a loved one has been recently diagnosed, these 10 things that patients who’ve been living with Parkinson’s for several years wish they’d known at diagnosis — which their doctors didn’t tell them — may make managing the disease easier. Read the full article here:

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New Diagnostic Criteria Narrows the Definition of Parkinson’s Disease

Even though Idiopathic Parkinson’s disease is, after Alzheimer’s disease, the second-most common neurodegenerative disorder, approximately 5% to 10% of Parkinson’s patients are misdiagnosed—and up to 20% of patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s later turn out to have different disorders. Seeing a need to update the diagnostic criteria for Parkinson’s that have …

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New light shed on causes of movement disorders in Parkinson’s disease

A possible cause has been found for the disrupted communication between brain cells exhibited by Parkinson’s patients. Bettina Schwab, a researcher at the University of Twente in The Netherlands, discovered that this group of patients have increased concentrations of a certain type of protein. Ms Schwab defended her doctoral dissertation …

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